How to Choose UMF Graded Taylor Pass Manuka Honey

How to Choose UMF Graded Taylor Pass Manuka Honey

In the world of natural remedies and wellness, few things hold the same mystical allure as Mānuka honey. Revered for its incredible healing properties, this golden elixir hails from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand, where the native Mānuka tree blooms. However, not all Mānuka honey is created equal. The UMF™ was created by the Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association in order to ensure the highest quality of Mānuka honey that the consumer is able to purchase. Understanding the Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) grading system is key to selecting the perfect UMF rating for your needs.


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New Zealand UMF™ Rating

Each Mānuka honey product that carries the UMF™ trademark must pass the stringent Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) quality, grading and rating tests. UMF honey is independently certified, lab tested and verified against a 4-factors Quality Assurance System. 

All UMF honey is tested for MGO (short for methylglyoxal - measuring the potency), Leptosperin (guarantees that it is New Zealand Mānuka), HMF (ensures the freshness) and DHA (confirms Shelf life). UMF Mānuka honey rating system ensures you are getting high quality New Zealand Mānuka honey, that is fresh with a potency level guaranteed for the shelf life of the product. 

This way, consumers around the world can be confident that they are getting the best quality Mānuka honey they can find. 

UMF honey must be packed in New Zealand. This is important as honey cannot be imported into New Zealand, therefore any honey packed in New Zealand is guaranteed to be 100% New Zealand Honey. When you consider that honey is the second most adulterated food product in the world, knowing that it has not been blended with any other honey and is fully traceable is very reassuring.

To produce Mānuka honey that adheres to these high standards, honey producers follow very specific rules. It is a system that is very rigorous that New Zealand Mānuka farmers take pride in, in order to deliver a quality product. When purchasing Mānuka honey, it is imperative that you choose one with the UMF™ trademark to ensure that your honey has been vetted and made to the highest quality and standards.



On a jar of UMF honey, you will find both a UMF and an MGO number. MGO (Methylglyoxal) is the naturally occurring main antibacterial component of Mānuka honey. The UMF rating is a stamp of authority that authenticates the potency, purity, freshness and New Zealand origin of a Mānuka honey product. When looking for the most authentic and potent Mānuka Honey on the market, you want to measure to ensure you reach for a UMF Mānuka honey. Do not confuse this with a jar that only has MGO on the label. Some brands use MGO alone on their honey but this does not give you the same assurance of the potency, freshness and authenticity of the Mānuka honey. Also, UMF is guaranteed to come from New Zealand whereas MGO can be packed anywhere.

Levels of UMF Mānuka Honey 

The higher the UMF rating, the stronger the potency and antibacterial properties there are in the honey. This also means that Mānuka honey with a higher UMF rating has a stronger ability to kill bacterial infections. At Taylor Pass Honey, we offer an array of UMF grade honey that you are sure to find the honey that fits your requirements from your daily use (UMF5+) to an immunity boost (UMF10+) to more potent UMF15+.


Why Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey is long revered for its healing abilities, and many people consider it to be an effective form of natural medicine. It can be used to treat burns and wounds, soothe sore throats, and can even be incorporated into your skincare routine to treat acne and rashes

The higher the UMF™ rating, the more antibacterial qualities the honey holds. At Taylor Pass Honey, our UMF® Mānuka Honey range is guaranteed to have a Unique Mānuka Factor of 5+ or higher. 100% pure and independently tested, our Mānuka Honey has the unique signature compounds for which this exceptional honey is famed. 

By understanding the UMF grading system, you can feel confident in choosing the Mānuka honey that works best for you and your wellness needs. Get yours today - find a stockist near you.

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