Taste A World of Good

Produced in New Zealand under the watchful eye of our beekeepers, we seek to craft honey that carries the signature flavours and properties of this land.

Each varietal is as complex in its individuality, as the plant it originated from. From sweet and floral to bold and intense, we have a varietal for all occasions and to suit every palate.

Mānuka MGO50+

Mānuka Blend Honey is a delicious combination of Mānuka Honey with other rich New Zealand Bush Honey which is blended naturally by the bees. Mānuka Blend is a rich and creamy honey, carrying the distinctive flavour and aroma of Mānuka that lingers on the taste buds.

Wildflower + Mānuka

Harvested from White Clover, a pasture crop common throughout New Zealand. This delicious honey has lovely warm straw and floral aromas and a velvety texture – creamy and rich. The sweet flavours are balanced by a hint of dried herbs.