The Best Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Mānuka Honey

The Best Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Mānuka Honey

With its many uses, Mānuka honey is truly one of nature's superfoods. It can be eaten, applied to the skin topically, and used as an immunity booster. Consuming a small amount of Mānuka honey daily can be greatly beneficial to your overall health, and its rich texture and unique flavour make it an ideal ingredient. Start your day right by incorporating Mānuka honey into your diet!

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On Toast

Spread a teaspoon of Mānuka honey on toast or a bagel. It will give you a quick pick-me-up and provide you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy and strong, no matter what you have going on. You can include it as part of a meal or as a snack throughout the day. 

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In Tea

If you love the taste of sweet tea but don't like using sugar or other sweeteners, try adding a small amount of Mānuka honey as a healthy and flavourful alternative. It also works well in fruit-flavoured teas that are already sweet. Mānuka honey brings out a rich, robust flavour and compliments the sweetness with its unique taste.

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With Yoghurt

Yoghurt offers many health benefits on its own, especially when it comes to your digestive tract. Add a teaspoon of Mānuka honey for an extra wellness boost. A small amount of yogurt with Mānuka honey for breakfast or lunch can assist your body's digestive tract as it continues to work throughout the day.

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Smoothies are a great way to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. Enhance the nutrition value, flavour and texture of your smoothie by adding a teaspoon or two of Mānuka honey. If you’re looking to use a smoothie as a meal replacement or mid-day snack, add a scoop of protein powder for the ultimate power boost.

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By the Spoonful

If you feel a sore throat creeping in, or simply need a quick energy boost, eat a spoonful of Mānuka honey. Mānuka's rich texture and abundance of nutrients make it one of the best sore throat remedies and pick-me-ups available. It's so rich in nutrients, you only need a small amount each day to give your body what it needs to maintain good health and wellness.

Authentic Mānuka honey is only produced in New Zealand. As a B-Corp Certified Brand, Taylor Pass Honey is committed to sustainable practices and high standards of production, making us one of the most reputable Mānuka honey producers in the world. Commit to your health by including high quality Mānuka honey in your daily diet!

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